Bitcoin falls? Interest is rising – a silver lining on the horizon

A study by the University of Cambridge shows a significant increase in the user base of crypto currencies. Using public data, the researchers extrapolate the approximate number of new registrations on Bitcoin exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. The result: the increase in the number of users of crypto-assets continues regardless of any price turbulence.

Despite bear market for the Bitcoin trader

This pair of terms has become the winged word in the Bitcoin trader scene these days. Because, even if the Bitcoin trader price drops according to onlinebetrug and the market is buried for the second time: The news situation is extremely positive – not to say “bullish”.

A study by the Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge University confirms this fact: It confirms that the user base of crypto currencies is demonstrably increasing “despite the bear market”.

In the 2nd Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study, the authors come to the clear conclusion that the sale of 2018 did not detract from the popularity of crypto currencies. On the contrary, based on a study of publicly accessible data sets, the researchers come to the conclusion that the absolute number of users of crypto currencies has risen from 85 million (2017) to 139 million (Q1-Q3 2018). This corresponds to an increase of 63 percent within one year.

Based on data from other studies, scientists estimate the proportion of the population in possession of crypto-assets at two to nine percent.

Private crypto trader investors increasingly open to Bitcoin

The exciting thing: The majority of the newly acquired crypto trader enthusiasts appear to be private investors and not institutional crypto trader investors or business customers. This is evident above all from the data available to the authors from the Bitcoin stock exchanges.

Another trend that suggests itself is a tendency towards greater compliance with KYC and AML guidelines (KYC: “Know your customer”; AML: “Anti Money Laundering”). This is because the proportion of stock exchange users who have undergone KYC onboarding has risen disproportionately compared with the previous year (94 percent). The regulatory efforts of the financial supervisory authorities seem to be bearing fruit.

Long-term thinking is on the horizon
Meanwhile, the new basis exercises itself in patience and swears off short-term gains. As the study shows, the on-chain volume traded in almost all crypto currencies – with the exception of Bitcoin – is declining.

“The figures show a significant slump in on-chain transactions. This confirms the view that speculation and long-term strategies are currently the main use cases for crypto-assets”.

In short, the Hodl Army is increasing.

A ray of hope in bearish times.